LIFE CO2Formare Networking Event

18 December, 2016

The LIFE CO2Formare project organized a networking day on December 13th at the Combined Cycle Power Plant in Castellón, where the project is based. Seven LIFE projects being developed in the Region of Valencia, consisting of experimental developments to achieve improvements with high environmental impacts, presented their advances so far.

This meeting enabled the participating entities of the environmental program co-financed by the European Union to share information on the development of the projects, several of them related to different uses of CO2 and their application in different business sectors of the Region of Valencia.

Presentation made by project LIFE Co2Formare

In addition to the progress made so far by CO2Formare, which seeks to promote environmental protection through the efficient use of CO₂ produced in thermal power plants, and to replace chlorinated products used to combat macrofouling (fouling of central cooling systems Energy caused by from molluscs – such as mussels or similar), some of the most outstanding projects that are currently underway have presented their progress to date.

INESCOP (Technological Institute of Footwear) is carrying out the LIFE CO2SHOE project to calculate the carbon footprint for the footwear industry, which allows the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacture of each pair of shoes .

Presentation made by project LIFE+ CO2SHOE

The Technology Institute for Plastic (AIMPLAS) has launched the Life Extruclean program which aims to demonstrate the viability of the disposal of hazardous substances and mixtures in polyethylene waste from solvent or phytosanitary packaging using supercritical carbon dioxide, reducing considerably the consumption of water and energy.

Presentation made by project LIFE EXTRUCLEAN

For its part SAE (Advanced Energy Systems) has presented LIFE + Fertilife, a project focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the ceramic industries of Castellón using such CO2 captured for agricultural, a project in which is involved ASCER as well.

Presentación del Proyecto LIFE FERTILIFE

AITEX (Technological Textile Institute) is developing the LIFE  Photocitytex program, which studies the effectiveness of the use of photocatalytic nanomaterials in textile manufacturing as a way to improve air quality in urban areas.

Presentation made by project LIFE PHOTOCITYTEX

Several others LIFE projects have also attended the networking day, as the LIFE FUTURE project, led by Universitat Jaume I, the Toy Technological Institute (AIJU) and AIMPLAS, among others, or the LIFE STO3RE project,

After the presentation of the different projects, the participants have visited the installations where the CO2Formare project is being carried out, in order to check the progress made to date.

The day was an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experiences and best practices, as well as the beginning of an intense relationship between the participating projects.

Next we publish the photos of the day and later visit to the central.


The director of CO2Formare, the production director and the director of the plant, welcome the attendees.

CO2 injection control module.

Félix de la Paz, Head of Production, explains to the audience the elements of the Combined Cycle Plant.

LIFE participants attending the networking day. Behind them you can see the turbine of the old thermal power plant.

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