CO2 injection tests started June 1st

7 June, 2016

Last 1st June, injection tests of CO2 were performed in order to verify its effect on the pH of the water cooling circuit in the Combined Cycle Power Plant in Castellon.

Injectors of CO2

It has been verified that the injection system, designed by Cetaqua with the collaboration of Air Liquide, can reduce and maintain throughout the cooling circuit a pH of 7.00 or less. Curves of dosing flow have been correlated with the pH level throughout the circuit. These results provide very useful information for the final tests of the system to be performed next year.  The CO2 injection will be combined with the capture system and stored in tanks, and will be used in the final stage of the project to prove the usefulness of the CO2 to reduce macrofouling, and thus eliminate the use of chloride compounds.

Sistema de regulación de caudal

Flow control system


As a result, the injection system shows a high efficiency that contributes to reach a pH of 7.00 with less CO2 than calculated in the initial estimates.
Registro on line de pH en un momento de la prueba

Online pH registration



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